Opus Productivity Services

OPUS Productivity has geared its product and service offerings so that they can be used either individually or in combination with each other. An individual consultation with a member of the OPUS team will help you determine  which services make the most sense for your organization. In all cases, our goal is to assist you in driving productivity and profitability through the effective utilization of your people.

Personality Assessment for Candidates and Employees

26823145_lCandidate assessment includes the integration of the personality assessment tool with an in depth telephone screening of your candidate. If your organization has developed a top performer composite model and skill set requirements, then in addition to being able to provide you with the overall personality strengths of your candidate, OPUS is able to compare and contrast your candidate’s profile to your top performers, and share notes with you regarding the candidate’s ability to match up with your pre-established requirements.

The process is simple. Your candidate will complete their input to the personality assessment tool, and you will provide OPUS with a copy of the candidate’s resume. OPUS will contact the candidate to review the profile results, and to review their past work experience. You will receive a written profile report and a comparison, if applicable, to your top performer composite. OPUS will also contact you to discuss the strengths of your candidate, and recommend a course of action for you to pursue.

Personality assessment for employees follows a similar process.  Organizations will have current employees complete the process either because they want to improve productivity, or  because the employee is being considered for a different position.  The information provided will allow to best utilize the strengths of their employee, and anticipate how they can best provide guidance and direction.

The personality assessment tool utilized by OPUS Productivity measures seven key aspects of a behavioral style. Those are an individual’s Dominance, Extroversion, Pace/Patience, Conformity, Energy Level, Energy Style, and Fact/Feeling orientation. The profile also measures the differences between how a person feels they are naturally versus how they feel they need to modify their style. As a result, additional measurements on energy drain and morale become available. This vital service is integrated into literally every service provided by OPUS Productivity.

Top Performer Composite Profiling

As a result of multiple people being profiled composite reporting is available. This integrates the results of any number of profiles to come up with one composite profile. Once this is in place any individual profile can be measured against the composite, and any group of individual profiles can be ranked against the composite profile. A client’s composite profile can be modified at any time to add new top performers, or eliminate individuals that no longer meet the top performer requirements. As a result, the top performer information can reflect the changes of the economic conditions of the client’s business.

Team Building Workshops

25233077_l-croppedThese workshops, whether delivered face to face or via a web conference, offer everyone an opportunity to better understand the dynamics of the overall team, and gain an appreciation for their similarities and differences with the other team members. Team members must trust each other in order to maximize results, and often times distrust comes from a lack of understanding as to how two or more people view the same external influences. Different personalities will respond to the same set of stimuli in completely opposite ways, and understanding this about yourself as well as the other team members can build trust, confidence, and predictability to the group. These workshops can be held standalone, or integrated into other business events that are planned for the group. Although much can be done by one individual contributor, an effective team can leverage everyone’s talents to do truly great things together.  For more information, visit our Workshops page.

Management Advisory Services

As a result of the knowledge OPUS is able to gain from the profile information as well as our interaction with the members of our client companies, OPUS is in a unique position to provide ongoing management advisory services to our clients. These services include scheduled updates from each of the key members of the management team, special discussions regarding team members, and any other ongoing activities that can assist in maximizing productivity in an organization. Each assignment is customized to meet the needs of the client, so we look forward to discussing your specific requirements, and being of service.