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OPUSBOB: Would You Hire a Known Conniver?

  • Steve Carter
    Posted at 11:28h, 21 March Reply

    I would lean toward integrity in this scenario. I prefer that we work on how to better differentiate and articulate our value than mislead a customer to get a sale. Part of the sale is also about the relationship and a healthy relationship is not built on such behaviors. Perhaps the hiring manager is measured on pure numbers and not enough on repeat or increased business with existing customers. How we measure also drives behaviors. Thanks!

  • John Ray Moranz
    Posted at 12:48h, 21 March Reply

    Very interesting decision to make here…my company is so hard on integrity that we would pass on the young lady. Yet there are many software and services companies that need aggressive thinkers like her. It really depends on the company culture. I know I faked illness in grade school to get out of something. So it’s hard to pass judgement because she faked illness to be the best. It’s all a judgement call…but she’ll be fine.

  • Pamela Dunn
    Posted at 12:53h, 21 March Reply

    Interesting the candidate revealed this. I would be interested in her statements directly after making this annoucement about the cookies, such as, I admit it wasn’t the most ethical thing to do, and I feel badly I fooled my mom, (who must be a working mom or how else did she get out of the house), and it was really immature of me.
    If she displayed any regret or remorse, then I’d would consider hiring her if all her current adult claims checked out too! lol
    Looking great Bob in this video! new specks and setting. my best to all of you.
    miss you bunches.

  • Bob Kreisberg
    Posted at 11:12h, 25 March Reply

    Hey Pam, the reason I looked great on the video was because we shot it in ’09 (i.e, the “Blast from the Past” title. Thanks so much for your comment. This was one of the candidate conversations I found most fascinating. The fact that she decided to share this with me was really tell tale – I’d “stay away”. Cheers, Bob

  • Mike O'Brien
    Posted at 12:41h, 29 March Reply

    Not sure that what this lady did was due to a lack of integrity. If I understood what you said in your video, she simply found an excuse to give her the ability to get the jump on selling a product that was identical to what the customer could buy from other sources. You can debate whether it was right of her to invent an excuse to give her the opportunity to get a headstart against her competitors, but in high tech sales, we do that most every day. I would view that as out-hustling her competitors. She didn’t misrepresent anything about her product to her customers – that maintains the integrity of the sales process and what her customer may think of her company and product.

    So if the issue is whether she has the level of integrity that would properly reflect her company’s values to her customers, the answer is likely yes. Should she be sent to the principal’s office for skipping class?, Perhaps. She might make it a little tough for her sales manager to know if she is devious in their relationship and the information she is reporting, but that isn’t evident in what was presented in the video.

    You looked pretty good in your 09 video. Golf shirt, tanned. Not bad for the youngster you were. Chers Bob!

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