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OPUS Productivity has geared its product and service offerings so that they can be used either individually or in combination with each other. An individual consultation with a member of the OPUS team will help you determine which services make the most sense for your organization.  In all cases, our goal is to assist you in driving productivity and profitability through the effective utilization of your people.

Candidate Assessment

Candidate assessment includes the integration of the personality profiling tool with an in depth telephone screening of your candidate. The nature of the personality is often a critical factor to a person’s success on the job. Making the best possible hiring decisions is vital to the success of any growing organization, and OPUS provides both the data and insight to help you succeed.

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Many organizations have become much more sophisticated in onboarding, however the great majority of the time is invested in helping the new hire get to learn about you, their new employer.  In fact, the onboarding process should be designed for both the employee and the employer. You want the new hire to know about your company, but don’t you want to know about the new hire too? What is their behavioral style? How can you provide the most effective leadership to them? Irrespective of whether the personality factors are critical in the hiring process, they are ALWAYS critical to providing the right guidance and leadership to your new hire.

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Team Building

Team Building creates a more positive work environment, increases productivity, and improves employee retention. This is especially true with so many team members working remotely from each other.  OPUS Team Building Services will help you understand how the different behavioral styles of your team members can work in harmony together.

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Learn More About Candidate Assessment

Candidate assessment includes the integration of the personality assessment tool with an in depth telephone screening of your candidate. If your organization has developed a top performer composite model and skill set requirements, then in addition to being able to provide you with the overall personality strengths of your candidate, OPUS is able to compare and contrast your candidate’s profile to your top performers, and share notes with you regarding the candidate’s ability to match up with your pre-established requirements.


The process is simple. Your candidate will complete their input to the personality assessment tool, and you will provide OPUS with a copy of the candidate’s resume. OPUS will contact the candidate to review the profile results, and to review their past work experience. You will receive a written profile report and a comparison, if applicable, to your top performer composite. OPUS will also contact you to discuss the strengths of your candidate, and recommend a course of action for you to pursue.


Personality assessment for employees follows a similar process.  Organizations will have current employees complete the process either because they want to improve productivity, or  because the employee is being considered for a different position.  The information provided will allow to best utilize the strengths of their employee, and anticipate how they can best provide guidance and direction.


The personality assessment tool utilized by OPUS Productivity measures seven key aspects of a behavioral style. Those are an individual’s Dominance, Extroversion, Pace/Patience, Conformity, Energy Level, Energy Style, and Fact/Feeling orientation. The profile also measures the differences between how a person feels they are naturally versus how they feel they need to modify their style. As a result, additional measurements on energy drain and morale become available. This vital service is integrated into literally every service provided by OPUS Productivity.


View our FAQ page to learn more about our personality assessment service.

OPUS is not only invaluable in the hiring process, but even more so in the coaching stage once that candidate is hired. It allows you to create a development plan beginning at Day 1 of employment, which really streamlines the onboarding process. It also helps to mitigate any big “surprises”– you have a better idea of what you are buying with OPUS.

-Jim Soscie, SVP, GfK MRI