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Sales Productivity

& Team Building


Management Development

& Executive Leadership


Sales Productivity Workshop

This workshop is geared for all people included in the selling process. 

The focus is on learning the following:

  • How to take best advantage of the individual’s behavioral strengths in the selling process.
  • How to understand the behavioral challenges of the salesperson, and how they can adapt their behavior, when necessary, in order to maximize productivity.
  • How to read your buyer’s personality in five minutes or less, and how to utilize this information into your sales strategy.

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Management Development & Executive Leadership

If you are looking for a team building workshop or keynote presentation, we have just the ticket for you!

Leadership Lessons Learned While Frying Chicken – A Personal Discovery and Leadership Workshop:

This highly interactive, entertaining, yet profoundly important session focuses the participants on understanding and celebrating their strongest personality attributes AND the need to adapt behavior as necessary to meet the requirements of work and life. Your organization will have clear and definable metrics to provide guidance and leadership to your workforce.


The session is light-hearted but teaches invaluable lessons, as it celebrates the differences of all people but recognizes our responsibility to meet each other half way. Fast moving and fun, your people will love the session, and your organization will gain insight into your most valuable business asset – your people.

  • People will feel they are known.
  • Leaders will know they have a responsibility to drive results from diverse strengths.
  • Executives will see how a culture of building on talent trumps fixing deficiencies.

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It opened up my mind about how to get things done with other people who have strengths that I did not recognize or appreciate. This program made me a better manager.

-John J., Leadership Lessons Learned While Frying Chicken Attendee